The Soul´s Emergency First Aid Kit

Tools, tips and techniques for times of terrible trouble/s.

I don´t know if you´ve ever sat in an Accident and Emergency Ward of your local hospital.

If your physical body has ever been broken in some unusual, sudden and unexpected ways? Hospitals exist for physical emergencies but where to go in a Spiritual Emergency?

It can be that there are no dramatic outward physiological signs or symptoms, at times, indeed, there also are. Yet their origins are rooted other than in the physical plane.

It may be you just have a subtle sense of inward pressure building and building, feeling out of sync with yourself.

A doctor might diagnose it as depression, anxiety or...hypochondria.

It is an empowering and significant step to choose to listen to the experiences you have within yourself for yourself. Take another step to bring healing into your own hands.

I remember one of these moments. A statement to non other than myself: "Emergency. Emergency. Emergency!"... then climbing the vintage blue cherry picking ladder to the ledge where old suitcases sit and become dusty. I looked over the landscape called home weeping, shouting and squeaking.

What a rush of relief, then, to acknowledge my experience to and for myself.

Just stop, breath and be in a state of acceptance of and for my Self.

Around that time was the subtle seed of a hand crafted "Soul´s First Aid Emergency Kit" was planted in my mind.

A box of tips, meditations, yoga and creative exercises to remind myself of the tools and tips for Times of Terrible Trouble/s. The first and necessary stage on the journey to birth into yourself, learn to express yourself and then ultimately and simply Qualifying Yourself to be Yourself, too.

That is what this blog is about. I will write and others too with the prayer that it may be of service in some way to you.

Comments, thoughts and inspirations much appreciated in the section below. Thank you.

Love light all ways,

jagat joti kaur

11.01 am 11.01.2022