A juicy day

Updated: Mar 9

I recently got myself a new blender. Apparently "the professional choice", "industry leader" and all manner of other self aggrandissements. I loaded up with kiwi, mango, papaya and banana with a sprinkle of sesame. After less than a minute the machine over-heated and cuts out. A safety setting.

It cuts out again. I turn the switch, click, click. I wait 30 minutes, it turns on. I blend for a minute and then switch it off. Another 30 minutes goes by. At the end of the day, I clean it and get it ready to send back to the supplier. It´s not fit for purpose.

Its a great metaphor for the human condition- revving the Mind motor with a multitude of idea´s "I will do that" "I want to do this". Daydreaming, wonderful fantasising. Beyond endless imagery flashing through the neural circuitry of beyond infinite possibilities.

But then the frustration and irritation. What can I actually do? How do I start what is realistic for me? How do I manage to integrate this into my everyday? Perhaps these questions aren´t even conscious. Just a build up of tension and stress, increasing feeling of upset.

Perhaps you say "I want to be creative, to paint, to draw, to write, to dance, to communicate, to share...." to express love and light in the world....There is a deep knowing beyond words, that this is possible.

But it may be the wiring in the body is not trained, strengthened, tuned and plugged in to enough energy to make this happen for real, just like the blender.

Yet, this upset is not just there to upset you. It is an opportunity for transformation.

A small domestic smoothie maker is only going to produce a glass or two of carrot, beetroot, celery juice and will oddly enough not do your ironing. In a similar way, this physical body requires training and tuning, and even then, there always will be some tasks that would break it.

The understanding of your capacity and the clarity of what you are capable of doing comes through daily practice. When to push beyond the limitations you feel you have, but you don´t, and when to stop. This knowing does n´t happen by accident.

Being able to stand before a task and have a sense that you can complete it and how long it will take you to do so, the issues that may arise in the doing, as well as that which may stop you before completion - can be a sign of practical physical, emotional, mental and spiritual maturity.

Many speak of work/life balance, but these are false polarities. Death is the true polarity of life, not work, although it is often treated as if work is a death and that life only comes in the between pieces.

It is possibility to explore and express, to nourish, train and uplift in every way throughout your everyday - to not leave living for holidays times.

That is, if your motor is serviced regularly, tuned and strengthened to make a juicy life worth living, blend life´s ingredients, this way, then that without overheating.

Starting your day with a spiritual practice like yoga, meditation or tai chi is a way to calibrate yourself to your inner excellence. This way you build solid success from the inside of you.


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