Characteristics of the Mind

Your propelling forward at a scull wobbling speed, fast approaching 390 km per hour, in the drivers seat of a Porsche GT3. The nerves are shaky too. Then a thought pops to Mind: “Is this a dream? I don´t own a car… do I drive?” What do to press, twist or turn, ….ugh!….I need to slow down! …. …. I want to….STOP!....but …

.. HOW??”

Mind´s are far more powerful than any car, yet few contemplate actually investing in a Mind Service Users Manual (MSSUM), or indeed a Mind Driver´s License (MDL) or an Advanced Super Human Drivers Flying LIcence (ASDFL). It´s no surprise then that many swerve and skid across life, and often find themselves in all manner of bits.

Lets risk exploring what makes Mind tick. With time, and practice, glamorous destinations like Joy, Contentment, Relaxation, Dignity, even Happiness and Peace could be on your regular commute.

Lets begin with a brief overview of some of the essential characteristics of Mind, by way of an introduction to this vast and lofty topic.

Bear in Mind, each one of these characteristics reflect faculties that behave like sub personalities. Out of balance they are like a gang. In balance they are like a group of friends supporting you towards your destiny.

As Mind grows it really does develop as an autonomous entity - but this autonomy IS an illusion.

Mind is busy. It´s not just you. In order for Mind to exist, it moves backwards and forwards this way and that with all manner of outrageous thoughts, thousands of them in a blink of an eye. Like a car free wheeling, constantly changing direction and course. If you want a life worth living, then you need to carefully screen the thoughts you think.

Give it information you want it to be busy with rather than the other way around. Like substituting “10 0000 03 strategies for freaking out” for “Each breath in I breath my Self in, I breath out and let go of what was never mine”.

It takes time and effort to do this, yes, but only equally and opposite to the time and effort it spends on winding you up and then down.

Mind is noisy. Same as the engine of a car. Make it produce the sound that brings you Peace. Sing a song you wrote to yourself. Make it your favourite tune. That´s the true of sacred chanting, vibrate the highest expression of yourself.

Mind is fast. Faster than any Super-Turbo Boosted Vehicle. It can imagine itself across time and space, and infinite universes as you read these words. Problem is it usually doesn´t figure in the logistical limitation of the physical body.

Mind is productive. Just like the factories that build cars. Each piece has a certain amount of time allocated to its manufacture. It is a doer and a maker of things. It builds stories, plans, fantasies, theories, conclusions, opinions, assumptions….and lies…..even “little white lies” being a way it softens the blow of its own self-delusion.

So if your Mind is going to make up stuff, choose to make them gorgeous and aligned to your destiny, rather than a horror.

Some collectors fill their vaults with vehicles. They don't drive them about at all. It might reduce their monetary value.

Mind adds and adds and adds..and adds story: stories that becomes bigger and vaster the more they´re told. At its worst…gossip and slander….”and he said…and she said…and then he said…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?”

Mind adds and is Hungry way beyond any natural urge for survival.

Feed it the highest wisdom.

Choose what it adds, such as a reminder to breathe, tapping unknown depths within yourself, the lungs till their double and then triple the size, then even double the double of that, filled with fresh healing extra-ordinary breath than ever before….

See? It engages Mind in its own games, but in a delightful way that supports you towards your highest expression.

Another time I will go into further detail. Let´s park the car and summarise a few last essential characteristics before closing this overview for today.

Mind categorises, which can support productivity. It works with building blocks, groupings that make sense together. Put it to work to make box together Wise and True in ways that surprise and delight you. Visualise little bridges between that remind Mind again and again, that ultimately We are of One Divinity, of the same essential subtle light stuff.

Mind needs reminding of that moment to moment. We are spirit´s having a human experience.

It fluctuates in a visceral manner, hovering with questions and destructive creative illusions, in any direction like an animal searching for food, sniffing here, then there.

Mind lacks reference. So refer it to divinity, the highest reference of them all.

Give it a focus and direction higher than itself. Give it altitude.

Mind does duality, splitting. I should but I can´t. Yes - No, Light - Dark.

It takes its power from the tension. Postive and Negative Mind play an infinite ping pong match backwards and forward.

Duality is a mental game and is highly problematic.

Polarity is the play that can be uplifting, conscious.

Mind globalises takes any situation and makes it absolute “it/you…. Always but this is simply not true.

Our perception of polarity is confused. WE turn polarities into dualities good or bad, right and wrong. It is Mind doing this. Instead, ask “What is the polarity at play here?” - not judging right and wrong - or if I win, you loose- actually there are no winners and losers. This is an example of Consciousness hypnotized by Mind into these dualities. Consciousness needs to say “No, Mind, see the polarity” not add judment and colouring.

The faculty of measure and judgement is no problem - but adding story, making it judgemental is making right and wrong. Judgement is not a problem. Judgemental is when it becomes and imbalance of the mind.

Discernment requires intuitive awareness using the faculty of judgement.

Mind makes regular patterns controlling reaction. It makes its own labyrinths and cosmic order.

It is automatic, hypnotic and hypnotized it defaults to the familiar and habitual in short term loops, replaying repetitively.

I talk to my Mind, not talk my Mind. I don´t want to hear Mind, I want to hear Consciousness.

Consciousness needs to be greater than any of these Mind faculties.

Consciousness can use the faculties of the Mind but Consciousness needs to be separate and guiding the process.

When Mind is the Master it is a Monster. The Mind is given to Consciousness, Consciousness in not given to the Mind.

My Mind is given to Me. I am not given to my Mind.

Love light all ways,

Jagat Joti Kaur

Friday 11.02.2022

These words are from the study notes of Karam Kriya with Shiv Charan Singh and Kundalini Yoga in the lineage of Yogi Bhajan.

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