1 little thing

Updated: May 18

Mind says: A Big Splash.

Massive impact.

Fame. Great fortune...

Hold on.

Mind is faster than God.

Lets rewind a few steps.

1 little thing.


The fullest deepest breath of my life is possible right now.

Ah! So simple.

Back in my heart.

Back with me inside of me.

Conscious choice.

Choosing 1 seed I can sow today.

Move things on.

An impossibly small task that makes me smile.

Yes, I can do that.

So tiny it delights me.

Sure. Absolutely.

A twinkle in my eyes, in my toes.

And an even deeper breath.

I feel my energy lifting, returning.


Yes, this little thing is possible right now.


It is possible.

The wrong sort of pressure is released.

I feel an impulse to begin.

I am able to begin.

I begin right now with this little thing.

The recipe for success.

Rather than a recipe for disaster.

Not realistic to maintain. Too big.

Biting off more than I can chew.

Yes. This little thing is possible right now.

I plant 1 seed.

In this breath. I breathe it in.

I breathe it out.

I stay in my heart.

I can move forward in time and space

In a kinder way.

Time and space for me to be myself.

With this little thing now complete.

I am then able to choose another.

love light all ways

jagat joti kaur 13.13pm